Start with yin yoga

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A couple of years ago, I went through very hard times. I had quit my job after realizing that it didn’t make any sense anymore. That decision had been forced through a break down due to boredom (bore-out). It took me about 4 months to recover from what I would call a shock. Not only my mind had been blacked out, but also my whole body. This is when I discovered yin yoga.

Yin yoga is a very calm and relaxing form of yoga. As the poses (asanas) are being held for a couple of minutes, our nervous system comes down and our mind relaxes. During the practice, you learn how to let go of your emotions. You learn how to listen to your body and perceive your thoughts, without any judgment.

Ideally, you will practice yin yoga in the evening or on a quiet day, when there is no distraction or to-do-list to complete. Make sure that you have warm clothes on and a blanket near to you, as your body temperature may cool down. Whenever your feel a tension in some part of your body, your breath will help you to relax and release that tension.

You may also feel strong emotions coming up. Let them come, see what they want to tell you and let them go. Some emotions have been stocked in your body for a very long time. The deep relaxation reached through yin yoga might help you to release these old emotions and make some space for new ones.

Start with yin yoga and try this 30 minute session.