What comes next?

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As the children will go back to school and the stores will re-open tomorrow – at least in Switzerland – I am sure that I am not the only one wondering what will come next.

Have we learned from that crisis? Or will it only remain a bad memory and will we all go back to the old life? The question is: do we really want that old world back or is it time for a real change? 

Somehow, even if I have a lot of compassion for those who are suffering and having a hard time right now, I kind of have a feeling of “déjà vu”. Because, I have been through that crisis already. 

As I was unemployed, I had to experience the feeling of being rejected. I was judged by many people, because they had the feeling that I was lazy and wasn’t really willing to go back to work. I was called “stubborn”, because I refused to go back to my former job that had caused me so much pain. 

It took me eighteen months to find a job again. At the very last moment – a few days before being kicked out of the system for good – I was very lucky to find the job that I had been looking for. Only lucky? Well, no. I had been working hard on this. Working on myself, working on my vision, working on my fears. The hardest, but also the best time of my life. 

I found myself again. I found my values again. Actually, I didn’t get only one job, but three at once, which allows me to embody all the values that are so important for me.  

My job at an NGO allows me to work on creating a better world to live in, with less cars and more space for nature. My job as a yoga teacher allows me to open spaces for people to feel and love themselves again. My job as a freelance translator and communicator allows me to build bridges between people and different cultures. 

Even though the big change wasn’t easy to make and I had to fight a lot for it, I don’t regret it any second. Today, I live with much less than I used to. And I am much happier than I used to be. I also know that there will be more changes coming into my life. And I am ready for it. Actually, I am very excited about it. 

So, let’s allow the change to happen. That will make it much easier.