Welcome your emotions

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In these very special times, we are all surrounded by many kinds of emotions. Some are ours, some not. Still, the effect on our body and our mood is the same : we feel tired and overwhelmed. We could ignore them and just keep going.

Personally, I realised that if I try to ignore them, they always find a way to come back and show themselves even more. This is why I chose to look at them, to welcome them. I cry when I am sad. I laugh and dance when I am happy. There is no reason to be ashamed of what I feel. This is what makes me a human being.

Meditation is one way of looking at emotions and welcoming them. It also helps to understand the message behind them and eventualy release them. It is all about expression. Expression of feelings. Towards myself and towards others.

The nice thing about these special times is that people are currently learning how to express their feelings. They tell their families and relatives how much they love them. They offer their help to people who need it. They scream their anger on social media, when they don’t agree with something. There’s nothing wrong about that.

But – as I experienced it myself – the best way of expressing my feelings and myself is art. Any kind of art. It can be writing, singing, dancing or painting. When brought into words or drawings, our emotions – the expression of our feelings – take another form and another meaning. They are full of sounds and colors. They show the beauty of nature and human beings. They manifest the grace and softness of our existence. In harmony with all beings.

Find inspiration in nature. Observe it. Imitate it. Let your feelings grow and show themselves. Explore them through meditation and let them go.

Meditation « Welcome your emotions« , Sylvie Schneuwly