Together, we do miracles

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A couple of days ago, I shared some thoughts about loneliness, and I told about my own situation. It wasn’t really easy for me to admit that I had been hiding that very deep feeling for a long time. There was a bit of shame in there, too. 

As I published that text, I was a bit scared of the reactions. But there was no reason to be scared. All that I received was LOVE. From dear friends. From my family. From myself: I did myself a big present by opening my heart. 

This morning, as I was thinking about my life and what recently happened, I also realised that being able to feel loneliness and to accept it as a part of me also allows me to understand people who feel the same and offer them some presence. 

No wonder then, that one of my favourite activities is to bring people together. I do it all the time. In private and at work. This starts with my neighbours, whom I regularly invite for a drink or to do some housework together. Because together is so much more fun. I also love to have friends around and share some thoughts about the world. 

The place where I can really embody that feeling of being together, though, is at work. For example, in my workshops on mindfulness, where I can feel a real and deep connection within the group. What we create there is beautiful, unique.  

As I was looking for a part-time job about a year ago, I was also looking for that possibility of bringing people together in my everyday work. I was dreaming of building a community working for a better world. And this is exactly what’s happening now. After a year of preparation, everything that I had seen in my vision is slowly taking place. 

Even if we are physically – but only temporarily – separate from each other, that illusion of separation makes the connection between us even stronger. Thanks to Internet, thanks to technology, we can all share our feelings and values. We can see that we are not alone. We can connect with people from everywhere and dream of a better world. Which will happen. Because together, we do miracles.