Thoughts to the world – my responsibility

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Sharing and caring has never been as much important as today. Supporting people who need it at most is a natural action, a call from the heart. There is certainly a big lesson to learn from the actual crisis : How can I better take care of myself and others ? How can I better communicate with myself and others?

What is really important? My next holidays? My bank account? No. My heart. I listen to my heart and I hear what it is telling me. It is time for a change. A big change. This has not only to do with the way I wash my hands oder stay at home while I am being sick. This has to do with the way I affect others with my actions and thoughts. The way I treat myself defines the way I treat others. I am what I think, I am what I say, I am what I do. It is all a reflection of myself.

I am the one who is creating my whole world and reality. But this also means that I can change it. I can reflect on what I see and feel. I can become aware of the source of my emotions and change the way I (re-)act. I can change my whole world and reality. I can create a world of love, compassion and solidarity. I can live in such a world. That is possible. With my own will and my own actions. I can change what I see and my perception of it.

The more I love myself, the more I love others, the more I love nature and the entire world. It all comes from the inside. It is all already there. It is all waiting for the right moment to manifest itself. To come true. To become the new reality. So keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep creating, keep loving.