How yoga has changed my life

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It all began with a workshop during which I designed my vision. At that time, I wasn’t really into yoga. I knew, it was good for my health, but I had no idea what other powers it had. There was one thing that I was sure of, though : I wanted to help people to be happy. But first, I had to work on my own happiness and get the skills I needed to achieve my goal. The journey had started. I intensified my yoga and meditation practice, as I was feeling their multiple benefits in many ways in my life. I signed up for a first yoga teacher training, then for a second. After one year, I was already teaching classes at two yoga studios in Bern. At that time, I was registered as unemployed, preparing myself for the job of my dreams… that didn’t existed yet : I had to create it.

What a nice challenge, I love challenges!

I started to give workshops on mindfulness, shared my experience and kept working on my vision. There were a lot of ups and downs. A lot of moments of doubts and despair. But I never gave up. I found courage and strengh in my yoga practice. The asanas brought me the confidence and stability that I needed to overcome my fears. That was what was keeping me away from my vision: my fears. I stopped running away from them. I talked to them, embraced them. They became my allies. Today, I am still teaching at one of the yoga studio in Bern. I got a great job at an environmental organization. I give workshops on mindfulness in companies. I share my experience with my surrounding. I just came back from Bali, where I took another yoga teacher training. Every class, every workshop that I give is a unique and magic moment. I love what I do.

No worries, this is not the end of the journey. This is just the beginning. I have other dreams, other projects. Of course, it is all about yoga 🙂