Celebrating new perspectives

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New Moon. Wonderful energy that brings new beginnings and allows to let go of old stuff. But what does that mean exactly? Some say, you should let go of what you don’t need anymore and make space for what’s coming. 

This week, as I was teaching and I mentioned the new moon coming, I realised that it is much easier to first plan new things and then make space for them as the other way around. 

A couple of days ago, my heart was beating hard as I signed that contract for a new yoga room in Bern. I thought: «Is that the right thing to do? What am I scared of?». Then, I understood that my heart wasn’t beating that hard because of fear, but because of joy. Teaching in that studio – where my yoga journey began – has been a dream for a long time. 

Of course, I will miss what I have now: the «old» studio, the team and my wonderful students. But I am very looking forward to that new adventure starting. «Let the magic happens», my inner voice says. 

*What can you do to celebrate New Moon? Make a list of your wishes and visualize these in a meditation. Feel the emotions that these images bring into your heart and your body. Integrate these feelings and stay with them in the following days.*