Draw your vision – allow yourself to dream

On day two of the first round of my new online workshop “Draw your vision”, I am very surprised to see what’s coming up.

The visualization exercises that I use are fully intuitive. I take you to known and unknown spaces, in other dimensions. A place, where there is no time and no space. A place, where everything is possible. A place where you are allowed to dream in the infinite.

By breaking down those barriers built through our ego, our conditioned Self, you see old dreams from your childhood or your teenage years coming onto the surface again. “What if that were to come true? What do I have to lose?”.

That is the impulse that I want to give you by offering you a safe space and taking you on that inner journey, allowing you to explore that infinite world in there, in your heart. 

As it turned out that the workshop is more appropriate to be taken individually, I am now offering it in private sessions in English, German or French. More infos per Email.